Welcome to Bluefin Sushi & Seafood Buffet!

Seattle Bluefin Sushi and Seafood Buffet

If you’ve been looking for exciting new foods and classic favorites, then we can’t wait to show you our all-new menu and beautiful Seattle location. Our Asian-fusion dishes and immaculately prepared sushi may be trendy and cutting-edge, but in some ways, we’re unabashedly old-school.

Our unparalleled service, for instance, is a throwback to the days when the staff of your favorite local spot took the time to make sure your meal was delightful from start to finish.

What’s more, the quality of our food is as old-school as its value: naturally flavorful ingredients prepared on the spot, and presented at reasonable prices that won’t require a second mortgage.

Bluefin selects only the freshest ingredients for its expansive, mouth-watering, and affordable menu. We take pride in our friendly and inviting fine-dining atmosphere, and wish to make every meal a memorable experience.

Whether a sushi connoisseur or entirely new to our cuisine, we believe you will be satisfied with Bluefin’s incredible selection of choice dishes, inspired by the Japanese and other Asian culinary traditions.

Our specialties include enticing sushi, delicious tempura, satisfying Korean BBQ, savory noodles, fresh salads, and desserts that range from light and refreshing to positively sinful.

Discover truly fresh sushi and seafood. Discover the creations of some of Seattle’s leading Japanese chefs. Discover Bluefin!